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Victoria’s entrepreneurs, executives and freelancers have never seen anything like this. A new coworking community that includes a modern coworking office located in the award winning Parkside Hotel.

The Digital Desks Coworking Space is a fully equipped digital office in an inspiring location, designed for Victoria’s business and technology leaders and the #YYJ coworking community.

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Membership Benefits

24 Hour Access

With membership to the Digital Desks Coworking Community Space, you are provided with 24/7 key card access to the building. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, you will have secure card access, and enjoy the peace of mind that the building’s round the clock concierge service provides.

Flexible Desk Options

Digital Desks Coworking Community members have flexible membership options that include dedicated or shared desk rentals. The office is furnished with only the best in modern and ergonomic office furniture, including ergonomic work chairs and sit/stands desks, that all support a healthy work environment. Together with legitimate meeting rooms and multiple client entertaining areas (including access to a roof garden and the atrium), you’ll have everything you need to focus on your business.

Bookable Meeting Room

The Digital Desks Coworking Community shared office includes an 8 person reservable boardroom that is equipped with a large LED screen, whiteboards and a conference phone. You can easily cater meetings by using the in-building Truffles catering service. Using the Digital Desks boardroom will ensure that your next client meeting goes smoothly.

24 Hour Concierge Service

Digital Desks is located in downtown Victoria, in the award winning Parkside Hotel. Our unique location has perks such as the 24-hour concierge service, that can notify you by phone that your clients are waiting in the Atrium. This provides the professional appearance akin to an office secretary, creating a great first impression with your clients, and giving you the opportunity to break-the-ice over a beverage in the lobby’s licensed Tre Fantastico Café.

Office Services

The Digital Desks coworking space, that is included with shared and dedicated desk membership plans, also includes a fast computer network available through both hardwired Ethernet ports (dedicated desk) and also a secure WiFi signal (dedicated and shared desks). Also available are courtesy and conference phones for communicating with clients, access to a printer, and drinks and snacks. We also host monthly educational events that are free for Digital Desks Community members and can assist you in growing your and your client’s business.

Access to Parkside Services

Digital Desks Community members have access to an abundance of the building’s unique paid services. These include extra meeting spaces, a rooftop lounge, a private movie theatre, underground parking, bike storage and showers, electric vehicle charging stations, fitness facilities including cardio machines and weights, a 25m swimming pool and even a hot tub. Along with the above services, you and your clients can also enjoy the licensed in-building Tre Fantastico Café, which serves locally roasted coffee, artisan-baked goods, and alcoholic beverages. For a complete list of the in-building services please see below.

Coworking Space Benefits

1. No Guilt

Resorting to hourly coffee purchases might be the best way to avoid glares from café employees after you plunk yourself down for an 8-hour work day at one of their tables, but why not avoid that awkward situation altogether with a desk at Digital Desks? No need to feel guilty about working long hours at our coworking space, with 24 hour access just plug in your laptop, and take that phone call – all without the guilt of breaking the coffee-break vibe or being ‘that’ person.

2. Help is always close

When a Digital Desk entrepreneur needs assistance with a business or technology task such as bookkeeping, web design, online marketing or getting some legal advice – we can easily match you with another Digital Desk Community member who has the right professional background and experience to help you. Coworking spaces are abound with stories of newly established connections that led to business success.

3. Modern Office Setup

Our coworking space provides you with modern, comfortable, ergonomic desk  and chairs. At Digital Desks, once you stake out a spot on a dedicated desk, you are welcome to leave your items there overnight, so that you can pick up right where you left off in the morning. Digital Desks also provides secure lockers to dedicated desk members, so they can lock up precious items when it is time to call it quits for the day.

4. Network Without Trying

While you could drag yourself to after-work networking events, speakers, and conferences, why not instead meet a dozen other coworkers with interesting and related projects by simply working alongside them during a day at your Digital Desks space. We also have a community manager who is responsible for knowing everybody’s industry and facilitating introductions between people who might be interested in helping each other. At Digital Desks, you can focus on your projects and leave the networking to us.

5. The Water Cooler Community

Perhaps you will overhear a discussion about an exceptional sandwich place or a restaurant while at your shared Digital Desk, and you can ask those in the know where it is. Perhaps your coworkers will invite you to lunch with them, or downstairs for a well deserved end-of-day beer at Tre Fantastico Café. Now you will not only have the scoop on the tastiest eateries in the area, but also another business person to eat, drink and bounce ideas off. There is an amplitude of sanity-preserving chit-chat happening around our communal coffee machine and printer, and just enough to keep you sane without being a distraction.

6. Legitimate Meeting Space

Although you might be comfortable working from your apartment kitchen or home office, it is hardly a place that you would want to invite important prospects and clients. Enjoy the legitimate client meeting space that Digital Desks provides. A membership to our coworking space includes access to a bookable conference room, which will lend credibility to your business meetings. The Digital Desk Coworking space’s conference room seats eight people around the table, has a LED screen for presentations and a modern conference speaker phone. Try pulling that off in your kitchen. Additionally, the Parkside also includes an additional 3000 square feet of meeting space, including a roof top lounge and garden, and an A/V Theatre that seats 30 people. Why not avoid the embarrassment that accompanies inviting your clients to meeting in a coffee shop or distracted home office.

Why Our Coworking Space is Different

There's no other coworking space in Victoria like ours!

Coworking Office

Downtown Location

Located in downtown Victoria, on the mezzanine floor of the luxurious and award winning Parkside Hotel, as a Digital Desk Community member you can impress your prospects and clients with your legitimate and unique meeting space. Everything downtown is at your door, and in-building facilities include the a gym, 25 meter pool, the licensed Tre Fantastico Café, additional bookable client entertainment areas, a 30 person movie theatre, and even a rooftop lounge garden. It’s time to take your business to the next level!

Empowered Community

We are a community of start-up founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, remote workers and computer geeks. We work alone and together. We push each other to achieve great things in business and life. We are the coworking community at Digital Desks, located in the Parkside Hotel, in downtown Victoria, B.C. We also have monthly learning events, other social activities and an online community forum to ask/answer business questions.

Victoria BC Coworking

Fitness Centre and Pool

Digital Desk Community Members are able to access additional Parkside paid services in the building that include a full fitness gym with multiple machines and free weights, a 25 meter lane pool, and a hot tub. Treat yourself to a massage in the spa at lunch, or schedule an appointment at the physiotherapy centre. Everything you need for a healthy work-life balance is located in your coworking office building!

Digital Desks Parkside Hotel

Luxurious Location

Located on the mezzanine floor of the Parkside Hotel and Spa, in beautiful downtown Victoria. Impress your clients with your amazing location, or hit the gym and pool during your lunch break.

shared office victoria bc

Learn from the Pros

It is tough to establish a good daily routine as a startup business, without the hierarchy of a company and a boss giving you daily instructions. By working in the Digital Desks Coworking office, you work alongside others who have been in business for many years and are willing to pass on quality advice. By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, you are able to study how they manage their projects and receive tips and pointers on how to succeed from prominent Victoria entrepreneurs.

Five Star Facilities

The office is fully equipped with the top of the line tools to help you successfully operate your business. From ergonomic chairs, to a state-of-the-art coffee machine, your Digital Desk office will be comprised of all brand new technology to make your workday flow as smooth as possible. Digital Desk Members can also access fantastic facilities located in the Parkside building, including health facilities include a gym, pool, a 30 person theatre, additional meeting rooms, and even a roof top penthouse garden. Transport facilities include paid underground parking, bike lockup with showers and electric vehicle charging stations. Finally, the whole building is LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), so you can be part of an environmentally sustainable office community.


Select a MONTHLY membership plan that suits your needs.

Virtual Desk

$3000per month

  • Access to the “” online Coworking community (i.e. collaborate and connect with Victoria’s DigitalDesk Community Members!),
  • Access to “Google Apps for Business” user account (i.e. storage + more!)
  • Access to <InsertYourName> personal email Inbox.
  • Access to DigitalDesk Victoria-based learning events.
  • Access to DigitalDesk ANNUAL Christmas Party! (after 6 months of membership)
  • Members Invoiced Monthly (No Lease)
  • 30 days notification to cancel membership.

Shared Desk

$42000per month

  • Unlimited 24/7 Card Access
  • Shared Hot Desk
  • Shared Hot Chair
  • Dedicated Hardwire Internet and Wifi
  • 6 Hours Access to Bookable Meeting Room
  • 24-hour Front Desk and Concierge Service
  • Access to all “Virtual Desk” Services
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Air Conditioning / Heat
  • Access to Paid Services
  • Members Invoiced Monthly (No Lease)
  • 1 Month deposit required at sign up.
  • 30 days notification to cancel membership.
  • Add 60$ per month to include Fitness Centre and Pool!

(i) Minimum 2 months required for all membership plans (i.e. first and last month). Last month acts as security deposit.

(ii) GST not included.

(iii) Need a business mailing address? Add 49$ + GST per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions. We've got answers.

1. What is Digital Desks?

Digital Desks is Victoria’s newest and only executive coworking space. Located in the award winning Parkside Hotel, our coworking space has both dedicated, shared, and hot desks, quality ergonomic office furniture, blazing fast internet, private and guest wifi, modern washrooms, and a bookable meeting room. Additional Parkside Hotel paid services include extra conference rooms, a fitness centre, a 25 meter pool, underground secure parking, bike storage, a spa, a 30 person theatre, and a rooftop garden lounge. Join our community, impress your clients with legitimate meeting space, and grow your business faster.

2. What is included in a Digital Desks membership?

A full membership includes a dedicated desk, with your own ergonomic executive office chair and LED natural light desk lamp. You also get 24/7 secure card access to the office, unlimited access to our bookable meeting room, hardwire internet, secure wifi, and a secure locker. Also enjoy Parkside’s paid services including a fitness centre gym, swimming pool, hot tub, additional meeting and conference rooms, a bookable 3o person movie theatre, proximity to the in-building licensed coffee shop and the stunning rooftop garden. We also provide a shared desk plan. See “Membership” page for details.

3. How do I join?

Becoming a member at Digital Desks is simple.

Step 1, send us your full name, email and phone number by completing the Request An Office Tour form at the top of this page.

Step 2, we will then email you can application form and also schedule a visit to your coworking space at a time that suites you.

Step 3, after your application has been approved and your office visit has concluded, you can start working immediately, be provided with your own secure access card, and introduce you to the other coworkers and hotel concierge.

Got Questions? Call us anytime at 1-800-710-8629 Ext: 101 (Toll-Free)

How can my friends join?

We would be delighted to have your friend or coworker join Digital Desks and work along side you. So, if you refer a new Digital Desks Coworking Community member we’ll reward you a referral bonus.

Join Our Coworking Community

Are you willing to invest $14 a day into yourself and your business to make both you and your business stronger, better and faster? Then we want you to join our coworking community! Digital Desks is for you. We are looking for the entrepreneurial ones, the driven ones who are entrepreneurial to live, entrepreneurial to talk, entrepreneurial to walk, desirous of everything entrepreneurial at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say “I can’t do that”, but rather burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across Victoria’s technology and business scene and beyond.”

Request an Office Tour! No longterm lease. Pay by the month.

Contact Info

+1800 710-8629 Ext: 101 (Toll-Free / Ask for Julian)

#A02 - 810 Humboldt Street, Victoria, British Columbia, V8V 5B1 (Opens Nov 2015)


If you are interested in coworking in Victoria B.C., shared offices, executive offices, coworking communities, coworking spaces, coworking events, and working with other driven entrepreneurs - then is for you! We are located in downtown Victoria B.C., in the Parkside Hotel, and have been open since 2015. Sign up for an office tour today, and qualify for our early-bird special rates!